Advance Fire Safety

A lot of money is spent on systems like smoke detectors, fire alarm panels, sprinkler systems, and hydrant systems. But during an emergency most often than not there are not enough trained people to use them. Thus training on these systems and how to use them becomes mandatory. Fire extinguishers take care of only small fires and fire services take time to reach any place. If trained man power is available to use the hydrant system the fire can be fought till the time the fire service personnel reach the spot.


  1. What is a Hydrant system?
  2. Details about the Fire Pump Room.
  3. Fire Alarm panel and how to operate it?
  4. Accessories required for Hydrant System.
  5. Hoses and their uses.
  6. Branch pipes, types and applications.
  7. Dry drill of laying hoses, and connecting to hydrant system.
  8. Communication Signals.
  9. Practical wet drill with the hydrant system.
  10. Maintenance tips.

DURATION:  Full day or Minimum 4 Hours.

BATCH SIZE:  30 Will be the optimum size.

FOR WHOM :  Security, Maintenance, Fire Guards, pump room operators,


  1. Training hall with seating arrangement.
  2. LCD Projector with Screen and microphone.
  3. Hoses,  Branch Pipes, Hydrant System in good working condition.
  4. Space for practical operation of Hydrant system.