Occupational Health and Safety

Every human being in this world has to do an occupation for his livelihood. Each and every occupation comers with different hazards both man made and natural. Productivity is affected whenever employees report sick or become injured. This not only affects the morale but also the health of the concerned employee. Lot of standards like NIOSH, OSHA prescribe standards in safety but these have to be communicated even to the basic level workmen. Hence the need to educate employees, not only on the standards,  but  also to inculcate a safety attitude in workers.


  1. Case studies of industrial accidents.
  2. Why one should be careful at work?
  3. Hazard risk identification.
  4. Routes of entry of diseases.
  5. Definition of TLV and IDLH.
  6. Head to Toe Protection usage.
  7. Care to be taken while working at Heights.
  8. Safeguarding health
  9. Motivation against bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.

DURATION:  3 hours.

BATCH SIZE: 30 to 40 users.

FOR WHOM: Across all levels of employees.


  1. Training hall with seating arrangements.
  2. LCD projector with mike.
  3. Personal protection equipment used in the organisation.