India is a country of rich and varied heritage. But the maximum number of people who die in road accidents are also from India. Many factors contribute to accidents and deaths but it is the negligence and casual attitude towards safety which takes most people’s life on the road. Even when people know the rules still they follow then as and when convenient. Hence road safety becomes an important aspect of discussion and awareness.


  1. Why road safety?
  2. Priority of road users.
  3. Mandatory signs.
  4. Quiz on Road Signs.
  5. Defensive driving techniques.
  6. Checks and checklist before driving.
  7. How to drive in rain, fog hills etc.
  8. Safety while crossing roads.
  9. Why to wear helmets, seat belts etc.
  10. Motivation not to drink and drive.
  11. Why not to use mobile phones while driving?

 DURATION: 2 hours.

FOR WHOM:  Across all levels of employees.

BATCH SIZE : 50 to 60.


  1. Training hall with seating arrangements.
  2. LCD projector with mike system.