SCBA and Rescue Training

In any factory and high rise buildings there are lot of areas where there are confined spaces.  Spaces which have very little space to perform any  work , and also contain a lot of toxic gas and vapours which can take human life. Not only confined spaces but also during a Fire situation where there is a lot of smoke which not only takes life but also impedes rescue operations. In such times a lot of equipments are in place but there is no awareness on how to use them. Rescue is also a critical element of life saving and if not rescued or carried properly further damage can happen to the injured casualty.


  1. Definition of confined and dangerous places.
  2. Definition and meaning of IDLH value.
  3. Construction and parts of Breathing Apparatus.
  4. Calculation of formula of how long Breathing Apparatus can work.
  5. Practice of wearing the equipment.
  6. Rescue techniques with and without equipment.
  7.  Practice of rescue techniques and simulation practice.

DURATION: 2 to 3 Hours.

FOR WHOM: ERT, Operators, Maintenance, Security etc.

BATCH SIZE: Number of trainees should not exceed 25 for best results.


  1. Training hall with seating arrangements.
  2. LCD projector and mike.
  3. Adequate space in the training hall for practice.
  4. Breathing Apparatus and rescue material.