Women Safety and Security

Today every organisation provides equal opportunities for both men and women in employment. Gone are those days where women never ventured out for employment but for making ends meet. Today women rival men in every sense of the word. But atrocities have never come down as far as women are concerned. The safety of women is threatened every where she goes and the recent incidents across the world proves just that. Self defense is not the only answer but a lot of other aspects can save women from any danger when threatened.


  1. Road Safety
  2. Transport Safety
  3. Night Travel Safety
  4. Travel Alone care
  5. Sexual harassment prevention
  6. Shopping Mall and Theater Care
  7. Women Rights – Laws & Legislation
  8. How to save yourself and others
  9. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team Members)
  10. Responsibility
  11. Elderly people care
  12. How to be a Leader.
  13. Night Shift Care
  14. Street sense
  15. Developing inner strength, auto suggestions
  16. Keeping away from Devil card – Smoking and Drinking
  17. Party safety
  18. LPG care
  19. Self Defense tips (Panch Ka Punch)

DURATION: 3 hours.

FOR WHOM: All the women employees.

Batch strength  50 to 60.


  1.  Training hall with seating arrangements.
  2. LED projector with mike system.