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Emergency Escape Route Plan

EERP is a layout of a particular floor or an area which clearly indicates the present location of the person and guides him to follow the safe escape path to the nearest emergency exits. It also Provides additional informations regarding the locations of the

  • Alternative Emergency Exit
  • Manual Call Point
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Safe Assembly Point
  • Hooters
  • Emergency Lights
  • First Aid Box
  • Hydrant Points
  • Hose Reel Drums

EERP is also a source of very important informations about Emergency Control Numbers like: Fire Service Police, Ambulance and so on.

Benifits of the Emergency Escape Route Plan

  • Evacuation drill can be conducted in a quick, efficient and smooth manner.
  • A new look is given to the organization showing that they care for the safety of their employer & they are ready to react to any kind of emergencies.
  • If we have an emergency evacuation plan, the people will get familiarized with the no of escape exits available and they can act effectively during emergency.
  • The evacuation time will considerable decrease due to installation of EERP.
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