Basic Chemical Safety

In many industries and various operations chemicals are used for production of many materials. A lot of these chemicals are hazardous to human health and life. Hence the need in every industry, to know how to store and deal with the chemicals in case of Emergency. The Bhopal gas tragedy is a vivid example of what can happen when chemicals are released into the atmosphere.


  1. Definition of a Chemical.
  2. Identification of Hazardous Chemicals.
  3. Risk assessment of Chemical hazards.
  4. Storage and Handling solutions.
  5. Chemical spill control Response.
  6. Grounding and bonding procedures.
  7. MSDS and its importance.
  8. Personal Protection Equipment to be used while handling Chemicals.

DURATION:   2 to 3 hours.

FOR WHOM: Employees working with hazardous chemicals.

BATCH SIZE: For best results  20 to 30 participants.


  1. Training hall with Seating arrangements.
  2. LCD projector and mike system.
  3. MSDS of Chemicals used.
  4. PPE used for protection.