Lock out and Tag out

Most industries observe a period of shut down during lean season for the maintenance of machinery. This time is also utilised to install new machines and also repair existing ones. Only authorised personnel are allowed to carry out the jobs but they are also subject to danger due to other employees. Hence lock out and tag out procedure is carried out to avoid any major accidents when repairs are undertaken for machines with high energy.


  1. Standards governing lock out and tag out procedures.
  2. When lock out and tag out is applied.
  3. Who should undertake the job of lock out and tag out.
  4. Different models of locks available.
  5. How to apply different locks.
  6. When to tag out.
  7. How and where to tag out.
  8. Applications of lock out and tag out.

DURATION: 2 hours.

FOR WHOM: Maintenance  Personnel, Electrical engineers and Contractors.


  1. Training hall with seating arrangements.
  2. LCD projector and mike system.