Basic Fire Safety

Why Basic Fire Safety?

Fire is very Good servant but very bad master

If Fire IS not controlled with in the first three minutes it turns out into a blaze and cause destruction.Life and Property or lost.Property can be built back but life cant.Hence to save valuable human life one should know the basics of Fire Safety


  1. History of fire accidents involving loss human life.
  2. Motivation towards Life and Property saving during fire accidents
  3. Emergency Communication Methods ( METHANE Formula)
  4. Building up awareness on quality made safety systems installed in properties, basic maintenance concepts & knowledge on how to use them.
  5. Understanding Fire chemistry & prevention methods
  6. extinguishing methods and spread of fire
  7. Fire Classifications
  8. Construction,Mechanism and operation of various fire extinguishers as per latest guidelines.
  9. Hands On Experiences of operating fire extinguishers on live fire.

DURATION: 3 t 4 Hours.

BATCH SIZE:  40 to 50 Will be the optimum size.

FOR WHOM :  Across all levels of Employees,Security, Maintenance, Fire Guards


  1. Training hall with seating arrangement.
  2. LCD Projector with Screen and microphone.
  3. Fire Extinguishers for demonstration.
  4. Fuel (Petrol and Diesel) for creating live Fire
  5. Outdoor Space for practical operation.