Basic Electrical Safety

Since the day it has been invented electricity has become a part and parcel of human life. There are very few areas in this world which are untouched by electricity. Though electricity is of immense use it has also been the source through which human life has been lost. This loss happens due to non awareness of electricity and its dangers and also the lack of proper training while doing electrical jobs.


  1. Definition of electricity.
  2. Evolution of electricity.
  3. Hazards associated with electrical devices.
  4. Safe work practices while on electrical jobs.
  5. Importance of work permits.
  6. Personal protection while doing electrical jobs.
  7. Awareness on latest electrical standards.

FOR WHOM:  Electrical Engineers,Electrical contractors,Electrical workers, Electricians,Maintenance personnel.

BATCH SIZE:   15 to 20 for best results.

DURATION: 2 hours.


  1. Training hall with LCD projector and microphone.
  2. Personal protection equipment’s used.
  3. Electrical work permit sample.